Batik Abimanyu

handmade batik


About Batik Abimanyu

BATIK abimanyu’s workshop is in pilang village, central java. it also has a showroom in solo, central java.
BATIK abimanyu has 8 people in batik silkscreening and stamp process, 10 artisan for handmade batik using canting in workshop, and additional 50 traditional artisans  that works at their homes.
There are various products of Batik Fractal being produced here; such as batik stamp, and batik silkscreening combined with handmade batik.


How We Found It

We were surveying for various batik artisans in Central Java, where we meet Mr Wahid from Batik Abimanyu at his showroom. He has several samples that we like and started discussing about our batik that we have in mind. Mr Wahid is an enthusiastic young man that helps us in producing Batik Fractal.

About Mr Wahid of Batik Abimanyu

Mr Wahid started his enterpreneurship as a salesman for other company’s batik in 2000. He worked as a mean to support his university tuition fees. Then he started producing his own batik in 2003. and making his company in 2008. He likes to think that his employee is his extended family: from the batik artisan ladies, salesmen and silkscreen operators. That way of thinking is evident in how he treat his employee.

removing wax

paintings/ coletan batik

coloring process


drying batik



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