Batik Kalinggo

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About Batik Kalinggo

BATIK Kalinggo is located in Surakarta, Central Java. It is a family business, now being run by sunu kalinggo. It primarily produces batik uniforms, with printing process, batik stamps and handmade batik using canting. batik kalinggo produces batik fractal textiles using stamps. their attention to detail with good timings ensure us to deliver best products to our clients.

How We Found It

We first met when Mr Sunu Kalinggo is deeply interested in jBatik Software. He introduced himself and his company, eager to learn new technology and design. Mr Kalinggo until now continues to use jBatik to create various new patterns, with distinct designs such as bold lines with shadings to portray 3D effects of batik.

About Mr Sunu Kalinggo of Batik Kalinggo

Mr Sunu is an energetic young man. While maintaining his family batik business, he also has time for his hobby; playing blues music using harmonica. He occasionally plays his blues in a cafe he owned, entertaining his guests for free.

His involvement in entertainment industry ( he was once a travelling musician ) also makes him more at ease when in front of camera. See his video when he was interviewed by Metro TV about his design using technology and batikmaking.

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