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Batik Muman


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Meet Batik Muman, made by the talented Mr Sunu Kalinggo of Batik Kalinggo.

The patterns originally comes from wings of birds, but it was dramatically changed to be more contemporary.

Mr Sunu uses jBatik to create various new patterns with simple lines and color. Batik Kalinggo creates two designs of Muman : The Grey and The Gold.

His patterns, like most of his designs, are bold and distinctive. He is not afraid of using blank spaces to accentuate his designs. He even introduces shades to give impression of “roundness” and “3D” to his designs.

Excellent to be used for shirt for men, or dress or skirt for women.

A descendant of famous batik artisan and a talented artist himself, Mr Sunu strives to create bold new designs using technology

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Gold, Grey

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Artificial dye.

Patterns are made using jBatik.

#madewithjbatik is a special section where we put the independently designed and produced batik fabrics by the batik artisans all across the country. These artisans are using jBatik Software to design the batik and they produced it traditionally with handmade process (canting and stamp). With #madewithjbatik section, we provide them an online platform to display and commercialize their products through our website. These featured artisans have successfully utilizing technology on their traditional art.

Made by Batik Kalinggo of Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

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Transparent Pricing

We believe customers have the right to know what the production cost is for producing your beautiful batik textile.
Artisan's share   : Rp 350.000,-
VAT               : Rp  47.000,-
Marketing fee     : Rp  23.000,-
Price (total)     : Rp 420.000,-

Size in cm

2.5 x 1.2 meter