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Batik Tarum Naga dan Lokcan


Short Description

All natural cotton,
Natural dye indigo,
All handmade using canting

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg

Available on backorder

Product Description

Batik Tarum Naga dan Lokcan; entirely made with jBatik Software. And entirely colored with natural dye.
This batik coloring is entirely made with “tarum” plant, also known as “indigo” that produces color blue.
Color red, yellow and brown are from tingi and jalawe plant.

The pattern itself depicts dragons and phoenix from Cirebon and coastal area of Javas.
The background is “megamendung” or cloud from Cirebon, redrawn to 3d patterns using jBatik.

Currently available through back order.
Please allow 1.5 months for making this batik.


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Size in cm

200 x 110 cm