Batik Wahyu Tumurun BlueBatik Wahyu Tumurun BlueBatik Wahyu Tumurun BlueBatik Wahyu Tumurun BlueBatik Wahyu Tumurun BlueRidwan Kamil Mayor of Bandung is wearing Wahyu Tumurun Shirt. Mrs Kamil wears it for long cloth.

Batik Wahyu Tumurun Blue


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All natural cotton,
Artificial dye,
combination of handmade batik and silkscreen batik

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Product Description

Batik Wahyu Tumurun; entirely made with jBatik Software and inspired by traditional Wahyu Tumurun pattern.
It has a crown-like pattern at its centre, with pair of birds facing each other. The crown-like pattern has flower isen/ filling pattern. The design is then populated with various tendrils accompanying birds and flowers. The crown-like pattern is said to symbolize honor; whoever uses this design shall gain wisdom and prosperity. This batik can also be used in wedding ceremony: it represents harmony and everlasting marriage.
The pattern was originally found in Jogjakarta and then spread to various regions.

Wahyu Tumurun: The Making of in jBatik


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2.25 x 1.15 cm