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Gedog Ganggeng


Short Description

Ganggeng patterns is a stylation of freshwater algae plants that mostly grow in the Kerek area. The people of Tuban represent their senses into distinctive patterns.

Batik Gedog is a part of ancient batik that is only made and found in the inland area of Tuban, East Java. It is made from cotton flower which is spun into yarn, then it is woven into a cloth using a manual tool that produces the sound of “dog…dog…” which made it called Gedog fabric. Gedog fabric is roughly textured and made by hand to create a very beautiful creation, Batik Tulis Gedog.

Size : 345 cm x 57 cm

Materials : Gedog fabrics, Handmade Batik, Natural dyes

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Product Description

Textiles are handmade by the batik artisans in Kerek Village, Tuban.

They handloom themselves, creating a unique fabric called “gedogan” textile. The “gedogan” name is presumably derived from the sound of “dog…dog….dog” sound of wood when making the weaving.

Batik handmade using canting.

Artificial dye.

Patterns are made using jBatik.

#madewithjbatik is a special section where we put the independently designed and produced batik fabrics by the batik artisans all across the country. These artisans are using jBatik Software to design the batik and they produced it traditionally with handmade process (canting and stamp). With #madewithjbatik section, we provide them an online platform to display and commercialize their products through our website. These featured artisans have successfully utilizing technology on their traditional art.

Made by ladies from Kerek Village, Tuban, East Java.

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Batik Kerek, Tuban


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