blue star table runner Batik Fractal Home Decor 2
blue star table runner Batik Fractal Home Decor 1


Our table runner is made of unbleached calico cotton for relaxed and country style, with hand-stamped batik with a hand-stitched accent. Perfect for a family celebration.

Our latest collection inspired by one of the famous batik patterns, Kawung. Kawung represents arenga fruit commonly found in Indonesia lush rain forest, tremendously used as food and house material. This four cloves pattern is one of the oldest batik ornaments originating back to 1500. Kawung pattern symbolises perfection, and justice was a forbidden pattern, which was only worn by the Kings, nobles, and knights in the Kingdom era. Nowadays, the pattern is widely used and interpreted in a modern style. The truntum pattern inspires the star pattern, and another classic batik ornament only wore by the queens and princesses in the Javanese palace. Symbolised love and growth, the pattern put in great layout in modern design and products. 

Batik Fractal Home Decor Catalogue offers bright colours, and bold ornaments display passion and sophistication for your home and dining area. The fabric’s texture and entirely handmade batik, tassels and fringe create an intimate and homey feeling for the whole collection.

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