sidomukti garutan batik fractal


Sidomukti is a  geometric batik, made from criss-crossing line that resembles a wavy ribbon/ tendrils  that make the diamond forms, with various patterns inside the diamond.
Sidomukti originally was found in central java, meant to be used by the sultans. Each patterns  are laced with sacred meanings.
Not so with garutan batik’ Sidomukti. Nobles and common people alike can use this patterns. And the patterns are common everyday things.
By so, we take the geometric aspect of Sidomukti, which is the diamond shaped part. We also omit the patterns inside the diamond to highlight the geometric part. 
For the criss-crossing pattern, we take the standard wavy patterns and redraw it using jBatik to have exaggerated “wavyness” while also adding “pixelated” shapes on it. Our aim is to create a simple, bold, reimagined pattern of this digitalized era.

Part of “Inspired:Batik Garutan” Collection.


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