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Pelatihan Mandiri jBatik di Semarang

In March 2016 UNISBANK participated in Training of Trainers activities which were attended by lecturers. The lecturers are given the skills to use jBatik, which will later be taught to batik artisans of Semarang and Central Java. After TOT, UNISBANK becomes part of the Batik Fractal Training Center, where UNISBANK in collaboration with Batik Fractal […]


Hasil Workshop jBatik bersama Pengrajin Batik Sampang, Madura

Although still part of East Java, Madura has prominent cultural characteristics. The hard, decisive, and brave character of the Madurese is reflected in almost all of its cultural attractions and artifacts. Batik Madura, has become one of the most popular in Indonesia. Responding to this, the Sampang City Trade and Industry Office together with Batik […]


Motif Satria Panah

The existence of batik in Tulungagung is said to have existed since the occupation of the Majapahit kingdom to this area centuries ago, but until now batik has not been made a superior product of this city. Aside from being a trade commodity, batik has not been interpreted as a city identity, especially by young […]


Pasar Batik di Pekalongan

Setono Batik Market is arguably the pinpoint that drives the batik industry in Pekalongan. In this market, hundreds of home-based batik artisans meet and interact everyday. So when Batik Fractal was brought by the Ministry of Research and Technology to foster batik artisans in Pekalongan in 2009, to Setono market we certainly headed. Together with […]


Hasil Workshop jBatik bersama Pengrajin Rembang

RA Kartini, the resurrection figure of indigenous women during the colonial era was also arguably the first batik ambassador for Indonesia. Not only introducing batik to the Netherlands, Kartini also made new batik fabrics that combined the characteristics of coastal batik and batik palace/mataraman. This heritage is still preserved by batik artisans in Rembang until […]


Hasil Workshop jBatik oleh Pengrajin Sidoarjo

Before the Lapindo mud incident occurred in 2006, Sidoarjo was known as one of the craft center cities in East Java. The characteristic of the firm batik motif with brown dominated color has become their main characteristic. This brown color, unfortunately, later became the dominant color in Sidoarjo city sight of after the Lapindo mudflow […]