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Workshop jBatik di Universitas Indonesia

In addition to reaching out to artisans and SMEs practitioners in the regions, Batik Fractal also embraces youth who are engaged in digital technology. The collaboration of Batik Fractal with the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) and the University of Indonesia at the 2019 Felfest UI event resulted in a digital technology masterclass. Participants, who were […]


Training jBatik bersama guru Jawa Barat

Bandung, our home, has been generally labeled as a creative city. Our city is considered to give birth to many new innovations in the field of creative business and entrepreneurship. We are lucky, able to connect and establish cooperation with the Bandung’s government to make several activities. They provide a network of crafter and SMEs […]

Fractal Batik, The Result of Cross-Disciplinary Creative Collaboration

Batik Fractal Seragam Batik Banner Green Padi dan Melik

One of the most ancient rules for survival is cooperation and colaboration. Now, we believe this rule also applies as a efficacious recipe for creating better innovation. Batik Fractal, for example, is the result of cross-disciplinary collaboration of young people in Bandung. Contribution of perspectives from each field about batik as a cultural heritage, batik […]