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Telkom University

Pelatihan jBatik di Telkom University

In March 2017 Telkom University participated in Training of Trainers activities which were attended by lecturers from Faculty of Creative Industry. The lecturers are given the skills to use jBatik, which will later be taught to students. After TOT, Telkom University becomes part of the Batik Fractal Training Center, where Tel-U in collaboration with Batik […]


Motif Batik Fractal Batanghari Merah

Our introduction to Intel in 2011 expanded our attention to the batik tradition, even outside of Java. Batik Jambi, entered in radar as one of the batik that is good and competes with batik or palace batik coast. We did an experiment by conducting workshops for children in several elementary schools in Jambi. Unexpectedly, their […]


batik artisan batik fractal

The partnership began when Facebook Singapore contacted us to make souvenirs with special patterns for Facebook. We make a variety of souvenirs, including coasters whose fabrics are inspired by Facebook. This souvenir is made by craftsmen in West Java. Kerjasama berawal saat Facebook Singapura menghubungi kami untuk membuat suvenir dengan motif khusus untuk Facebook. Kami […]

Garut Batik in Fractal Geometry Review

Motif Payung Garut Batik Fractal

Having successfully identified on its fractal dimension, Garut Batik was concluded to have similarities with Yogya and Solo Batik. This journal discusses in detail the pattern of Garut Batik in the fractal dimension on digital research that uses a comprehensive mathematical language. The classification of batik patterns shows the complexity, as well as the beauty […]