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Training jBatik bersama guru Jawa Barat

Bandung, our home, has been generally labeled as a creative city. Our city is considered to give birth to many new innovations in the field of creative business and entrepreneurship. We are lucky, able to connect and establish cooperation with the Bandung’s government to make several activities. They provide a network of crafter and SMEs […]


Pemberdayaan Batik Fractal di Bandung

Nancy still remembers that on her first visit to Dago Podjok Village, she found few groups of mothers relaxing on one of the narrow terraces. “Just exchanging stories, after all there is no work anyway,” said one of friendly-faced mothers. Kampung Dago Podjok is one of the most densely populated suburban areas in Bandung. Its […]

Batik Fractal Community Activates Creative Ecosystems in Dago Pojok Village

Dago Pojok

To be more than just a brand and part of problem-solver is always become our goal in Batik Fractal. In the context of Bandung, we see that the ecosystem of creative economy must be more inclusive and involve more people, including the lower classes of society. In collaboration with the Taboo Community, Batik Fractal agreed […]